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Body Beautiful

The way we dress gives us a sense of who we are. We seem to put a label on everything even the way we dress; placing typical stereotype labels such as a hippie, mod etc. We can also be extremely tough on ourselves and the way we look. Nobody is perfect, we all come in completely different shapes and sizes. For us women there are so many life events that can change our body shape such as having babies, the menopause, living with an illness or recovering from an operation. We can get stuck in a rut dressing wrongly for the body shape that is now long gone.

Whatever body you were blessed with from tall, short, long neck, small feet, big bum; we always want something different and torture ourselves in trying to make this happen. Myself included, over the years I have tried every healthy eating plan, fad diet and almost every different exercise class possible. Has any of it made me any happier by the way I look….the answer is no!  This is when I decided to work with what is right in front of me!

Understanding what body shape you are is the start in loving every inch of yourself. You can then dress accordingly, and you will most definitely start enjoying your best assets. For me I am a typical pear shape, meaning my hips and bum are the widest part of my body. Therefore, my goal is to elongate my figure giving the illusion I am less bottom heavy. Although, I have come to love having a slightly bigger back end haha……some people even spend thousands for this so I’m embracing my shapely bum!!  Making my top half stand out by wearing prints, bright colours or lots of detail, off the shoulder tops are a good one; all these small changes takes the focus away from my bum. Bottom half use solid colours, just make sure these are darker than your top half. Tailored trousers and skirts are perfect, stay away from pleats. Belts are good worn higher up away from the hips and use slim fitting belts the same colour as your trousers.

At Moo a typical day ensures we give personal styling advice to every customer. However, we can also offer one off styling appointments, whereby we can look at what clothes you already have in your wardrobe and work with a few of those pieces and add just a few more. Styling parties are also an excellent way to rediscover yourself, getting personal tailor-made advice for you and your friends. Ask in store or drop me an email

Hope this has helped.

Nic xx